Skills: HTML5

I work with HTML and CSS every day, for either or work or play. This site is mostly pure HTML5 and CSS3, with a splash of JavaScript to load fonts from TypeKit. Since HTML is the foundation for websites, it's extremely important to have a solid grasp of it and know the tags by memory.

Here's some particular facets of HTML5 I have experience with:

  • HTML5 Multimedia (Video and Audio)
  • Semantic Tags (Article, Main, Header, etc.)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Skills: CSS3

On the web, HTML is the canvas and CSS is the brush. A high quality canvas is great, but you need a skilled artist to make an amazing piece of art. I have over 5 years of experience designing and coding websites from scratch or with popular frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation. I also use preprocessors in the majority of my projects; I know both SASS and LESS.

Here's some aspects of web design I specialize in:

  • Responsive Design (Mobile-Optimized Sites)
  • Motion Incorporation (Using Video, Animation, etc.)
  • Parallax, Transparency, Blurring, and Other Effects

Skills: JavaScript

As more and more websites rely on the client to process and render data instead of the server, JavaScript has become exceedingly important. I have experience using MVC principles on the client side and often use AJAX for many of my webapps. I usually work in CoffeeScript as well.

Here's some JavaScript frameworks I use frequently:

  • jQuery
  • Node.js (Meteor.js in particular)
  • Backbone.js and Spine.js
  • Jasmine (JS Unit Testing)

Skills: Ruby and Rails

I have about 3 years of experience working with Ruby, typically in a web server environment. I am familiar with all aspects of Object-Oriented Programming, have a good grasp of Ruby syntax, and am familiar with "DRY" principles.

Here's some particular parts of Ruby and Rails experience with:

  • All Ruby on Rails Components - MVC, Routing, Migrations, Asset Pipeline, etc.
  • Unit Testing
  • API Design