About: My Mission

It is my mission to cultivate a strong sense of community and kindness in every organization I work with and for, building up both myself and the people who surround me to accomplish great achievements of positive nature in the present and the future.

About: Education

I currently attend the Georgia Institute of Technology and am pursuing a Bachelors of Sciences with an expected graduation date of May 2019. I am a Computer Science major with a focus on the Media and Systems and Architecture threads.

I graduated from Pace Academy in May 2015. While there, I was a Student Body Officer, Editor in Chief of the Newspaper, Head of KnightFlix (broadcasting crew), and participated in many other student organizations.

About: Work Experience

Since May 2013, I have worked as a software developer for a company called Sideqik, an influencer marketing platform. I do full-stack development there, but I tend to spend more time working on designing new interfaces or building the front-end.

During the summer of 2012, I worked for Pace Academy as an IT Assistant, performing maintenance on hundreds of Macintosh computers around the school. I also aided in database administration.

About: Design Philosophy

At the core, design is visual communication. Every detail - from fonts to colors to polygons - influences the way design is interpreted and perceived. Proper design should blend elements from every facet of visual communication to form a cohesive, universal style that audiences can grasp easily.

My designs revolve around the themes of simplicity and intelligent repetition, which improve the user experience and form a sturdy foundation for future expansion.

About: Personal Life

Outside of the office or classroom, I really enjoy the outdoors. I've taken several backpacking trips across different areas of the continental United States; some lasted a day or two, others lasted for a couple weeks. I also enjoy whitewater rafting, camping, hiking, and trail service projects.

Aside from my outdoor recreational activities, I bowl and watch movies pretty frequently. If I'm with friends, I'll play a multiplayer video game or two. To me, the real fun is in connecting with your friends through various activities, so almost any event with people is engaging and fun for me.